Passive house construction units

TimBet is a trademark under which we produce innovative low-energy and passive house building elements.

TimBet elements can be used to construct floors, walls, ceilings and flat roofs.

TimBet elements, as the name suggests, combines wood and concrete and in addition polyurethane foam.

Concrete gives to the construction thermal inertia, sound insulation, fire resistance and rigidity.

Wood-metal joists ensure the bearing frame and minimize thermal bridges.

Polyurethane foam provides the construction with necessary thermal insulation, air tightness and sound insulation.

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ConcreTech OÜ

ConcreTech OÜ helps all who want to insulate their new or renovated house with the best available foam insulation material-PU (polyurethane, PUR) foam.

PU foam insulation properties exceeds that of all known mineral wool insulations because of simple building physical reason:

the air infiltration through the construction elements is minimal – the wind does not blow through the insulation layer and therefore the majority of the warm air stays in the building.

Practice has shown that even with the best installation of wind barrier it is not possible to limit the air movement velocity in the wool layer so that the wool fibers could do their work-keep the air motionless inside the insulation layer. In addition: mineral wool heat insulation performance tests methodology fails to take account of the air movement and the air humidity. The deficiencies mentioned above do not occur when using polyurethane foams and therefore it is not possible to calculate PU insulation layer thickness with the existing thermal resistance formulas. Less is more! However the PU foam has also weaker properties when compared to wool. For example: stone wool fire resistance is better. But nowadays very efficient materials has been developed and when combined with PU foam these materials can significantly increase PU foam fire resitance. The alternative is to use PU foams with heightened (E class) fire resistance.

We have erected several zero energy houses in Estonia and the house owners feel happy about their investment.