ConcreTech OÜ is a company based on estonian private capital. Concretech OÜ`s leading team members have education in building engineering and years of experience in construction field. Innovative thinking in building field gives an advantage in competing with other companies in the same area. That is why we have implemented some of our innovative ideas, such as TimBet building elements which has also been granted with utility model certificate.

With regard to increasing energy prices sustainable insulation of buildings has become important method to save from operating costs. Polyurethane foam (PU foam, PUR foam) is one of the best insulating materials among insulation materials that are available in the market at the moment. Mineral wool is outdated material compared to PU foam and its right place is at the museum. But habit has a great influence and new things are treated with suspicion. Fortunately the more efficient insulation materials has now steadily growing market share. For example it is notable difference when passive house wall thickness is 30cm instead of 60cm while with the same thermal resistance.

Efficiency and cost control is also related to construction of concrete domes. These are up to tens of meters in diameter monolithic, well insulated domed concrete structures. Building a dome costs about 1/3 less than building a regular rectangular building. In addition the heating costs of the domes is up to 50% less. These are numbers that should make people even with the most traditional worldview reconsider their beliefs. ConcreTech OÜ also designs and erects such domes. For more information and ideas visit